No more disheveled kilts? (new patent)

Attention kilt wearers! Does your kilt sometimes look, well . . . wrinkled, matted or otherwise disheveled? Is it hanging properly? If not, help is at hand from inventor Joseph E. Austin of Las Vegas, US.

Kilt-WearerLike other garments, kilts have been stored and hanged using conventional hangers. Unfortunately, kilts are not like other garments and thus they have suffered from the inadequacies of conventional hangers. Using a conventional hanger results in a wrinkled, matted or otherwise disheveled kilt. Moreover, hanging a kilt and its accessories on one or more hangers can be difficult and cause the kilt accessories to be misplaced.”

The ‘Kilt Hanger’ makes strides towards resolving such inadequacies.

“A method of hanging a kilt according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: folding a kilt into thirds forming three panels; suspending a first kilt panel from a first pair of clasps supported by a center horizontal member; and suspending a second and third kilt panel from a second and third pair of clasps supported by outer horizontal members.“

Note too that:

“A vest and jacket can also be placed on the kilt hanger along with a fly plaid that is draped over an optional horizontal dowel member.”

Also see: from Improbable Associate Dr. Erwin J.O. Kompanje, Assistant professor of Clinical Ethics, Clinical Ethicist Department of Intensive Care and Department of Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine at the Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam – Honorary curator Mammals at the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, the Netherlands, ‘Therapeutic use of the Scottish kilt’.