Podcast #42: Dream telepathy and the Grateful Dead

Dream telepathy research with the Grateful Dead, people named Tainsch (and other things that vibrate), and a partially mummified corpse with pink teeth and pink nails — all of these turn up in this week’s Improbable Research podcast.

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This week, Marc Abrahams tells about:

  • Dream telepathy and the Grateful Dead. (“An Experiment in Dream Telepathy with ‘The Grateful Dead’,” Stan Krippner, Monte Ullman and Bob Van de Castle, Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine, vol. 20, no. 1, 1973, pp. 9-17. More details about that. Featuring dramatic readings by Melissa Franklin.)  dream-grateful-dead
  • Oscillating this and that. (Tainsh, Michael A. (1972). ‘Oscillation of Human Performance as a Personality Measure.’ Perceptual and Motor Skills 35 (2): 677–78. /oscillation-of-humanTainsh, Michael A. and G. Winzar (1975). ‘The Influence of Travelling on Decision-Making.’ Ergonomics 18 (4): 427–34.  / Tainsh, Michael A. (1977). ‘Influence of Travelling on Decision-Making.’ Perceptual and Motor Skills 44 (3): 1106. Spearman, Charles (1927). The Abilities of Man. London: Macmillan and Co. / Ryan, David Patrick, Susan M. M. Tainsh, Vita Kolodny, Bonnie L. Lendrum, and Rory H. Fisher (1988). ‘Noise-Making Amongst the Elderly in Long Term Care.’ Gerontologist 28 (3): 369–71. Featuring dramatic readings by Daniel Rosenberg.) 
  • Icky Cutesy Research Review. (“Descartes and the Gut: ‘I’m Pink Therefore I Am,’“ D.G. Thompson, Gut, vol. 49, no. 2, August 2001, pp. 165-6. /descartes-pink “Gastrointestinal: Intrathoracic Upside-Down Stomach,” Y. Fujiwara, K. Higuchi, and T. Arakawa, Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, vol. 16, no. 7, July 2001, p. 823. /  “Vomit Identification By a Pepsin Assay Using a Fibrin Blue-Agarose Gel Plate,” S. Yamada, et al., Forensic Science International, vol. 52, no. 2, January 1992, pp. 215-21. /  “A Partially Mummified Corpse With Pink Teeth and Pink Nails,” C. Ortmann and A. DuChesne, International Journal of Legal Medicine, vol. 111, no. 1, 1998, pp. 35-7. Featuring dramatic readings by Jean Berko Gleason.)pink-teeth

The mysterious John Schedler or the shadowy Bruce Petschek perhaps did the sound engineering this week.

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