More industry meetings choose Ig Nobel Prize winners as keynotes speakers

More and more industry, as well as science, meetings and conventions are inviting Ig Nobel Prize winners to be their keynote speakers. Here’s one of the latest, as reported by Big Rigs, the transport industry newspaper:

bigrigs_1Share the stage with industry leaders

From IG Nobel prize for his ground-breaking work on the ‘Sonic crisp’ to multisensory warning signals for drivers; don’t miss the chance to share the stage, and world-leading scientific program of ICTTP2016, with global leaders in the field like gastronomic transport great Professor Charles Spence.

CARRS-Q Senior Research Fellow and ICTTP2016 Co-Chair Dr Kerry Armstrong said abstracts are now invited for the Sixth International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP2016), which will profile the latest global research, programs and policy developments when it heads Down Under for the first time next year.

spence“Professor Spence is the Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford, and I suspect as a lad he mightn’t have foreseen the path the career has taken.

“He’s well-known for his unusual work designing foods that maximally stimulate the senses, and his investigation into computer interaction issues on the European Space Shuttle.

“However, at ICTTP2016, you’ll hear the latest on his active line of research investigating how our brains process information from our different senses to design better multi-sensory warning interfaces and environments to save lives on our roads of the future.

“We are privileged to present keynote speakers of the scientific standing of Professor Spence…”