Podcast #9: Psychotic security guards

Psychotic security guards figure heavily in this week’s Improbable Research podcast.

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This week, Marc Abrahams tells about:


  •  Extracting the wrong tooth. (“The Case of the Wrong Tooth,” Laurance Jerrold and Mary Romeo, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, vol. 100, no. 4, October 1991, pp. 376–81. / “Ethics Case Analysis: The Extraction of the Wrong Tooth,” Gary Chiodo, Susan Tolle, and Laurance Jerrold, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, vol. 114, no. 6, 1998, pp. 721–3. / “Effectiveness of an Educational Program in Reducing the Incidence of Wrong-Site Tooth Extraction,” Hao-Hueng Chang, Jang-Jaer Lee, Shih-Jung Cheng, Puo-Jen Yang, Liang-Jiunn Hahn, Ying-Shiung Kuo, Wan-Hong Lan, and Sang-Heng Kok, Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontology, vol. 98, no. 3, 2004, pp. 288–94. / “Wrong Tooth Extraction: Root Cause Analysis,” Oren Peleg, Navot Givot, Tali Halamish-Shani, and Shlomo Taicher, Quintessence International, vol. 41, no. 10, November–December 2010, pp.  869–72. /  “Experience of Wrong-Site Tooth Extraction Among Nigerian Dentists,” Wasiu L. Adeyemo, Olabisi H. Oderinu, Akanbi C.O. Olojede, Azeez A. Fashina., and Adeshina O.S. Ayodele, Saudi Dental Journal, vol. 23, no. 3, 2011, pp.153–6.)


Featuring dramatic readings by psychologist Jean Berko Gleason.

The mysterious John Schedler did the sound engineering this week.

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