Professor Wright meets Professor Wrong (Toronto, c. 1921)

If you’re looking for a (documented) example of an occasion when Professor Wright encountered Professor Wrong, then your search is over. One such event happened somewhere around March 1921, at the University of Toronto Winter Short Course for farmers. Here’s an account, in Volume XXI of the University of Toronto Monthly, March 1921, No. 6. [Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to visit page 243]


“The special Winter Short Course intended primarily for farmers, was an outstanding success in every phase of its activity. For the two weeks’ course 280 students registered and many visitors including members of the Legislature attended a number of the lectures. East Hall proved too small for the classes and Convocation Hall had to be used. The students expressed their appreciation of the lectures given them by Professors Wrong, Wallace, Wright, Fitzgerald, and Jackman. [our emphasis]

The lectures were delivered in the mornings and the afternoons were devoted to conducted visits to places of interest in the city. Abattoirs were visited, the Massey Harris Works, the Royal Ontario Museum, and a number of the University Buildings. One afternoon was spent in the Biological Building where a series of demonstrations and experiments was arranged for the visitors. Another afternoon was spent in the Antitoxin Laboratories, and the visit which, as one of the women students expressed it, was the climax of all, was the tour of Hart House under the guidance of Warden Bowles. During their fortnight’s stay at the University the class developed considerable esprit de corps. A class yell was chosen and this yell was given at every possible opportunity with remarkable vigour.

Lady Falconer entertained the class on two afternoons during the curse [sic] [continues]

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