Sortable database of Ig Nobel Prize Winners

There’s now an elegant, sortable database of Ig Nobel Prize Winners. It’s made in Silk – a platform for visualizing and sharing data. Silk says that it is:

…a way to search through and filter all the Ig Nobel prizes and find strange correlations (but not necessarily causations) such as: “prize winners that contain the words ‘beer’ and ‘sex'”. The database will be built and organized with Silk’s data-publishing platform.

All 23 years of Ig Nobel winners are included (very soon it will have 24 years of data). We hope this will be a useful tool for understanding which countries have won the most Ig Nobel Peace Prizes, or which Ig Nobel Prizes have been awarded to researchers in or from Norway.

Ig® Nobel Peace Prize Winners, grouped by Country

Ig® Nobel Prize Winners with Norway as Country, grouped by Prize Category


SAN FRANCISCO BONUS: Silk and WeWork are hosting an Ig Nobel Watching Party in San Fransisco on Thursday September 18th. (Public welcome, but space is limited)

BONUS: Facts And Details has a page devoted Japanese Nobel and Ig Nobel Prize winners. We applaud all attempts to find patterns and groupings in our published Ig data.

SPECIAL * SPECIAL * SPECIAL BONUS: 2010 Ig Nobel Management Prize winner Andrea Rapisarda, working independently in Italy, made their own nifty app of Ig Nobel Prize winners. You can get it free on iTunes.