A pebble, dust, and the more-than-half-forgotten author Hallam Hawksworth

For adventure in a book, no author can or should quite equal what Hallam Hawksworth produced during the 1921-1922:

The Strange Adventures of a Pebble, Hallam Hawksworth, 1921.

The Adventures of a Grain of Dust, Hallam Hawksworth, 1922.



But some may disagree as to when was Hawksworth’s best period. Arguments can be made for the year 1926, for that was the date of publication of a book in which Hawksworth’s major characters were neither pebbles nor dust. Opting for more complex beings, Hawksworth produced

The Clever Little People With Six Legs, Hallam Hawksworth, 1926.


BONUS (unrelated, perhaps to anything, anywhere, ever): A short video titled “Adventures of a Speck of Dust“: