CONVERSATION STARTER: Testosterone in self-employed Australian men

If you’re stuck in an awkward social situation, and need some convenient way to switch the conversation to a different topic, mention this study:

Testosterone is associated with self-employment among Australian men,” Francis J. Greene, Liang Han, Sean Martin, Song Zhang, Gary Wittert, Economics & Human Biology, Volume 13, March 2014, Pages 76–84. The authors, at University of Birmingham, UK, the University of Surrey, UK, and the University of Adelaide, Australia, explain:

“Using the ratio of second to fourth finger (2D:4D) as a marker of organizational testosterone, Branas-Garza and Rustichini (2011) found in their study of 188 college students that lower digit ratio was associated with financial risk-taking in men…. Age plays a significant role in models with restricted samples, suggesting that older males are more likely to be self-employed than younger males. This effect is not significant in Model 1… with an increase of total testosterone by one standard deviation, the probability of being self-employed increases by 9.97% in Model 3 and by 13.73% in Model 4.”

The study even includes an equation. Here it is: