Boxes for rocks — their own story

Boxes for rocks grow from much thought and careful effort, what with the desire that each box fit snugly and well in enclosing a particular rock. Ann Macmillan, say those who know, “creates cardboard boxes for rocks that are designed to fit each rock’s individual surface. After 3D scanning them and unfolding the rock’s geometry, the design is laser cut onto cardboard. She then carefully hand folds the cardboard around the rock, leaving gaps to show the process.” These boxes for rocks were what earned Ann Macmillan a Schnitzer Prize from MIT, the institution at which the boxes and the rocks are on display, presumably in a room inside a building.



BONUS (not necessarily related): “Rock Box”, performed by RUN-DMC, introduced by Professor Irwin Corey:

BONUS (not necessarily related):  “My Pet Rock and Me: An Experimental Exploration of the Self Extension Concept,” Tina Kiesler and Sara Kiesler, Advances in Consumer Research, vol. 32, no. 1 (2005).

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