A psychiatrist reviews a science book for kids about excrement

Interesting perspective, you may think to yourself, if you read this noted psychiatrist‘s review of a book about the science related to excrement:

FoodToFertilizerThe bookFrom Food to Fertilizer, the Role of Excrement in the Life Cycle, Charles C. Dahlberg, Young Scott Books, Reading, Massachusetts, 1973.

The review: “Not So Execrable,” Richard A. Gardner, Contemporary Psychoanalysis , vol. 10, no. 4, 1974, pp. 523-526. Here’s a chunk of the review. It includes the passage “…However, Dr. Dahlberg discusses quite complicated biochemical mechanisms and even though he attempts to reduce these to the most simplified terms, I cannot imagine most prepubertal children beginning to grasp their import.”:


BONUS (possibly related): The Annual of Psychoanalysis explains, in 1992, some of the relationship between the bible and excrement

BONUS (almost completely unrelated): “[Twelve-year-old] Masui’s research has been praised by Prof. Ryo Kobayashi of Hiroshima University, who has won the spoof Ig Nobel Prize for his study of slime molds.