Ig Nobel show (w duck opera) Friday at Imperial College

The 2014 Ig Nobel Tour of Europe begins Friday night, March 14, at Imperial College London. It features:

  • Marc Abrahams
  • Sue Gibson and The QI Elves performing Dramatic Improbable Readings from bizarre, genuine research reports
  • Mason Porter (Bipolar patients as oscillators)
  • Andrew George reciting the entire works of the bad poet McGonagall, or a portion thereof)
  • Ig Nobel Prize winner Kees Moeliker (homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck, and its aftermath
  • Daniel Gillingwater and Sarah Redmond (and Kees Moeliker) in the world premiere of “The Homosexual Necrophiliac Duck Opera“

Details of the UK tour (and of this show), and of the Full tour schedule

TICKETS for this show [note: There might be a few tickets suddenly available at the last moment. If you want to take your chances on that, turn up at the door a bit before show time.)

BONUS: The next show, after this one, is Monday night, March 17, at the University of Warwick. TICKETS for that show.