Him, and his theory of things

Do you have a theory of things? Bunge has a theory of things. And Bunge has something to say about someone who said something about his theory of things:

MarioBungeReply to Van Rootselaar’s Criticisms of My Theory of Things,” Mario Bunge [pictured here], International Journal Of General Systems, no. 3 (1977): 181-182. Bunge, McGill University , Montreal, Canada and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, explains:

Van Rootselaar criticizes some points in my theory of things for being allegedly trivial, others for being mistaken. While some results are indeed mathematically trivial they are not so philosophically. As for the mistakes, some arc undoubtedly there, most can be corrected easily, and others require changes that have been introduced in the final version of the theory. The rest arc not mistakes but misunderstandings, perhaps unavoidable given the brevity of the original paper.”

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