Thesis topics, each summarized in one sentence

Students describe their thesis topic, in one sentence. The LoL My Thesis web site presents lots of these single-sentence summaries. Here are a few [each with the person’s field-of-study and institution]:

  • This is a weird star cluster and we absolutely have no idea how it formed – sorry. [Astrophysics, Whitman College]
  • A kiwi egg, despite appearances, is exactly the size you would expect given it only lays one. [Zoology, Duke]
  • 14th and 19th century Londoners reacted differently to disease because of the shift in dominant cultural paradigms – or, you know, any number of other things. [Religious Studies, Elon University]
  • I can guess your age from Facebook even you hide it. [Computer Science, Peking University]
  • Trust your gut, except when your gut is being an asshole, which can be really hard to tell, but do your best. [Philosophy, Western University]
  • Poetry is, and should be, like noodles. [Comparative Literature, Columbia College Chicago]

(Thanks to investigator Vaughn Tan, whose research is on so many topics that it defies summary, for bringing this to our attention.)