Gumboot Dancing studies (in French)

Some may find the Gumboot Dancing traditions of South Africa to be paradoxical. Take for example Professor Bernard Cros of Le département d’études anglophones de l’UFR de langues et cultures étrangères de l’Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Paris X) who writes, in Cultures of the Commonwealth, No. 13, Winter 2006/2007 [in French] Etrange destin a l’etranger: la reconnaissance internationale de l’Afrique du Sud. Le cas paradoxal du gumboot dancing [Strange destiny abroad: international recognition of South Africa. The paradoxical case of gumboot dancing]

“… the artform has become widely used abroad to illustrate the effect of artistic creation in South Africa. It is therefore legitimate to wonder about the reasons for its sudden appearance as a representative example of the national culture, i.e. its South Africanness.“

Note: the video above, entitled ‘Gumboot dans l’eau sur la plage de Tadoussac’ is from the Burask group of Montréal, Québec, who also write on the subject [in French] À propos de l’origine du gumboot…