Planet kidnapping system, and a train

Few patents have been granted for systems to kidnap planets. This is a fairly recent application for one:

Planet kidnapping system,” Chinese patent application 101948013 A, filed December 23, 2009 by 文华东. The inventor explains:

“The invention relates to a planet kidnapping system which uses laser to push asteroids to hit a target planet of moderate size based on preset tracks and contacts, so that the target planet can change the track thereof and move to a position required by people. The planet kidnapping system comprises a high intelligent information system, a cosmic ray station three-dimensional network system and an asteroid capturing system.”

Here’s a detailed diagram from the document:


The same inventor also filed an application for an unrelated space patent:

Heaven and Earth Train,” Chinese patent application 102009751 A, filed December 2, 2009. The inventor explains:

“The present invention train line one kind of world. Dreams of the invention can train tunnel in heaven (see my world tunnel-related inventions) was run at a very low cost, so a lot of ordinary people and other things comfortably between the ground and too much space, and it is from the ground into space one of the best fast, safe, low-cost world of transport. The invention consists of intelligent computer system intelligent control hybrid engine system, the trunk.”

Here’s detail from that document:


The same inventor filed patent applications for many other space devices. However, the margin of this blog post is too small to present details of the others.