Seamen Semen Channeling in the Indian Navy

One Indian naval officer was especially proactive about disease prevention a decade ago. He presented a talk about it:

STD/HIV intervention in an Indian naval ship – an experience,” S. Mukhopadhyay, paper presented at the XV International AIDS Conference, 2004: Abstract no. C10057″. (Thanks to investigator Edward Allison for bringing this to our attention.) The author, at SORD (Social Organization for Research & Development), Calcutta, explained:

This is an abstract written on experiences of the author during his services in Indian Navy as Medical Officer. This particular STD/HIV intervention was organized by author in a ship of Indian Navy among 350 naval personnel on board between Nov’92 to Aug’95…. Strategies of Intervention:

Following need based strategies were adopted by me & my medical team,

1) Repeated lectures health related and moral to modify sexual behaviour….

5) Encouraging masturbation habit among serving sailors.