Ig Nobel day-after-Thanksgiving broadcast on Science Friday

Spread the word, please! Today, Friday, November 29, the Science Friday radio program will broadcast its specially edited recording of the 2013 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. It’s SciFri’s 22nd annual broadcast (SciFri began this day-after-Thanksgiving tradition in 1992, the Ig Nobel ceremony’s second year).

Listen to it on an NPR station, if you’re near one, or on the Internet.

The photo below shows (just!) some of the 2013 Ig Nobel Prize winners, the Nobel laureates who handed out the prizes, the 24/7 Lecturers, and the cast and the medical-all-stars orchestra of the mini-opera ‘The Blonsky Device’. (If you look carefully, you can spot the baby that was born at the thrilling, centrifugal-force-filled conclusion to the opera!). Mike Benveniste took this photo:


BONUS: Science Friday asked journalist Carmen Nobel (yes, that is her name) to visit the Ig Nobel after-party. Her writeup, on the Science Friday site, is called “Small Talk with Scientists: The Ig Nobel Prize Winners Unwind“.

BONUS: Download your own copy of IgBill, the printed program for the 2013 ceremony, and the 2013 ceremony poster.

BONUS: From SciFri archives, here’s last year (2012)’s Ig Nobel broadcast.

BONUS: The special Ig Nobel 2012 issue of the Annals of Improbable Research