Float/explode/sink carcass study wins Senckenberg Award

Joyous news about a contrarian study of upside-down-carcass theory, reported this month in the journal that published the study:

Authors of outstanding article receive Senckenberg Award!Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, November 2013.

We are pleased to announce, that the Alexander von Humboldt-Gedächtnispreis 2013 was awarded to authors of the following article, published in the special issue of Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments entitled Taphonomic processes in terrestrial and marine environments (Wuttke M, Reisdorf AG (eds)): Achim G. Reisdorf [pictured here], Roman Bux, Daniel Wyler, Mark Benecke, Christian Klug, Michael W. Maisch, Peter Fornaro, Andreas Wetzel, “Float, explode or sink: postmortem fate of lung-breathing marine vertebrates,” [March 2012], Volume 92, Issue 1, pp 67-81.

Here’s video of the lead author: “Achim Reisdorf ‘Dinoleichen – wie habt ihr euch verändert?‘”

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