Joe Sommer’s miniature armoured quadricycle

Joe Sommer built a toy, mechanized version of a historic vehicle. He describes the original:

Simms’ Armoured Quadricycle, built in 1899, is considered by many to be the first armored fighting vehicle (AFV). It was the first motor vehicle designed as a weapons carrier, and had a tiny front armor shield. Frederick Simms‘ invention carried a 7.62 mm Maxim machine gun, and was both pedal and motor powered

and the new, tiny version:

The 1/6 scale R/C Armored Quadricycle carries a servo fired 0.40 caliber Splatmatic XJ40 paint ball marker and has top speed of approximately 3 mph. The chassis and Fred Simms’ stunt double came from a Radio Shack R/C Road Rustler bought on sale for . Fred Simms’ head and hat were modified from a Wal-Mart fireman action figure. The seven inch diameter spoked wheels came from Herbach and Rademan.