Behold a work of Error: “contributing to business success”

BrettErrorBrett M. Error [pictured here] and Christopher Reid Error hold many patents. Here’s one:

Assigning value to elements contributing to business success,” Brett M. Error and Christopher Reid Error,US patent 7603373 B2, granted October 13, 2009.

The patent document explains, patiently:

“The present invention is related to tracking Website usage as it correlates With business success, and more particularly to accurately identifying and associating business success With elements activated by a user during the course of navigating a Website….

“Some portions of the detailed description are presented in terms of algorithms and symbolic representations of operations on data bits Within a computer memory. These algorithmic descriptions and representations are the means used by those skilled in the data processing arts to most effectively convey the substance of their Work to others skilled in the art.”

Detail from the patent: