If you like to drop things, measuredly

drop-tower-homeIf you like to drop things because you want to measure what happens to them, consider using the drop tower at the University of Bremen, Germany.

Pertinent info abounds. Read Geoff Manaugh’s essay in Gizmodo (“This Tower Exists Solely for Dropping Things“). Read the tower authority’s attractive brochure, if you like — read that in German (“Experimente unter Schwerelosigkeit”) or in English  (“Space Technology on Earth”). See what the official tourism website of the Hanseatic City of Bremen has to say about it. Watch a video about it:

After you’ve done all your preparatory reading, if your excitement is such that you cannot stand not using the tower, then drop everything, drop a note to the good people of ZARM (to request permission), and (once you have permission) drop by and drop things.

(Thanks to investigator David Mazel for bringing this to our attention.)