Pectoral implants – a short history

Back in 2002, Dr. Gary F. Horn M.D. of Paris, France, introduced ‘A New Concept in Male Chest Reshaping: Anatomical Pectoral Implants and Liposculpture’ (Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp 23-25)  The doctor described (what was, at the time) a new type of implant made by the Silimed Corporation.

“The concept of this implant is quite simple ; to reproduce, as much as possible, the anatomy of the male chest.”

Here are the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results :

This may not be the only option for male chest enhancement, however. A year later, Dr. Jesús Benito Ruiz, of Barcelona, Spain, published : ‘Buttock Implants for Male Chest Enhancement’ (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: December 2003 – Volume 112 – Issue 7 – p 1951) (Note: The Silimed Corporation also manufactures buttock implants.)

QUESTION: If buttock implants may be used in male chest enhancement procedures, then could a reverse switch also be effective? Improbable has not been able to find any supporting literature.