Spectacular anatomy lesson

A spectacular new understanding or misunderstanding of anatomy is on display in Figure 1 of a new study (click on this link download a PDF of the study). The caption there says:

Fig. 1. CT scan of abdomen and pelvis showing radio-dense bony foreign body perforating through the sigmoid colon (red arrow). Flecks of free intra-peritoneal air can be seen (yellow arrows).

The study itself is:

Chicken or the leg: Sigmoid colon perforation by ingested poultry fibula proximal to an occult malignancy,” J.D. Terrace, J. Samuel, J.H. Robertson, D.N. Anderson, International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, epub August 12, 2013. The authors are at Western General Hospital in South Edinburgh, UK

(Thanks to investigator Ivan Oransky for alerting us to the study and to the remarkable anatomy lesson contained therein.)

UPDATE (September 23, 2013): The original version of that paper has been replaced online with a bowdlerized version. Fortunately, we have a copy of the original. Here is a an image of the original page containing Figure 1: