Batman, (a) psychoanalyzed and (b) fallen

Academics are drawn to Batman, as Batman is drawn to trouble. Here are two academic analyses of the caped crusader.

‘Holy PTSD, Batman!:’ An Analysis of the Psychiatric Symptoms of Bruce Wayne,” S. Taylor Williams, Academic Psychiatry, 36:3, May-June 2012. (Thanks to Amy Mauritson for bringing this to our attention.)


Trajectory of a Falling Batman,” D.A. Marshall, T.O. Hands, I. Griths, G. Douglas, Journal of Physics Special Topics, vol. 10, no. 1, 2011, A2 9. (Thanks to Richard Baguley and Tim Smith for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at the University of Leicester, UK, report:

“The film Batman Begins shows the character of Batman gliding using a rigid form of his cape. This paper assesses the feasibility of such a glide and finds that while a reasonable distance could be travelled if gliding from a tall building, the speed at which Batman would be travelling would be too dangerous to stop without some method of slowing down.”

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