More Flying Saucer Patents (Russian Federation style)

The United States Patent and Trademark Office is not the only blue-chip global-reach official authority which grants patents to the inventors of spacefaring ‘flying saucers‘. So does Федеральная служба по интеллектуальной собственности (Роспатент) (The Federal Service for Intellectual Property in Russia, a.k.a. Rospatent).

See, for example :

AEROSPACE AIRCRAFT (RF Patent № 2436715)

The design of the saucer takes as inspiration a(n) ‘UFO’ which, says the patent, was photographed by military photojournalist Volans Lytvyn during ‘Operation Mainbrace‘ in 1952 (though sadly the document doesn’t reproduce the photo).
[NOTE: The (rough) English translations below are provided courtesy Google]

RF_Saucer_02“The claimed invention is directed to solve the technical problem of creating an aerospace aircraft to ensure the continuation of research in the near and far space, using interplanetary space stations (hereinafter – MKS).”

Also see: The cab accommodation of passengers, crews, equipment (RF Patent № 2327607)

RF_Saucer_03The cabin accommodation of passengers, crew, equipment (KPEO) contained power supply system, the life support system. In the manufacture of the cab, not the carriage of passengers, can be mounted escape system by pilots of aircraft (LA) to activate the mechanism of remote unlocking fireworks shooting spherical sliding cover 10 and drives the ejection seats 27. […] When flying in space sector 31 can be converted into an airlock to exit astronauts into space. “

BONUS: There are many, many more Russian Federation flying saucer patents, but, despite their looks, they are mostly vehicles which are designed to fly within the Earth’s atmosphere rather than outer space. Click the images below to view the patent.