Of Bunnies and Clowns in the Wards

In case you missed this April Fools study:

Randomized Trial of Facilitated Family-Centered Rounds,” Brian K. Alverson, Karen M. Wilson and Samir S. Shah, Hospital Pediatrics, 2013;3;156. The authors, at Brown University, the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, explain, sort of:

“Family-centered rounds (FCR) are becoming the status quo for inpatient pediatric medical care; however, barriers still exist. The use of facilitators in FCR is gaining popularity. Although facilitators can increase comfort with FCR, the choice of preferred facilitator has not been studied by using rigorous methodology. In this study, we performed a randomized trial of facilitated FCR with bunnies and clowns, 2 commonly mentioned facilitators, and compared their results with the usual care condition.

“RESULTS: Bunnies had the best overall improvement in parent satisfaction, anxiety, and resident satisfaction. Both intervention groups were successful at reducing attending interruptions. The clown arm was suspended by the Data Safety Monitoring Board before study completion due to adverse events.”

BONUS. Other investigators had published a study of the same name, but bunny and clown free.

BONUS [unrelated]: It has been suggested that this April 6 article in The Telegraph is a slightly late April Fools piece: “‘Facebook Home could change our brains’