Shakespearian delicious butchery terms

The Shakespeare’s England blog has a list of cooking/butchery words and phrases that involve certain animals. The list includes the following (and many others);

I stumbled upon these rather charming 17th Century cooking terms today.

To Carve is to Cut up a Dish of Meat, but according to the Meats, use these Terms for their Carving:

Break that Deer.
Leach that Brawn.
Unlace that Coney.
Chine that Salmon.
String that Lamprey.
Splat that Pike.
Sauce that Plaice and Tench.
Splay that Bream.
Side that Haddock.
Tusk that Barbell.
Culpon that Trout.
Fin that Chevin…

The image shown here, from that blog, is The Cook – Bernardo Strozzi (c.1620).

(Thanks to investigator Brad Arlen for bringing this to our attention.)