The Human Tube Map

IPod_wheelFood & Function (a publication of the Royal Society of Chemistry) is a monthly peer-reviewed journal which provides a unique venue to publish work at the interface of the chemistry, physics and biology of food. For an example article see: Fluid mechanics of eating, swallowing and digestion – overview and perspectives, Jan Engmann and Adam S. Burbidge, Food & Function 2013, (advance article).

“From a very simplistic viewpoint, the human digestive system can be regarded as a long tube (with dramatic variations in diameter, cross-section, wall properties, pumping mechanisms, regulating valves and in-line sensors).”

The unique image used to complement the paper is part of an artwork entitled ‘Underskin’ by Sam Loman M.A. The illustration, heavily inspired by the London Underground system map (colloquially know as the Tube Map) equates the digestive system with the Circle Line (shown in yellow). Appropriately enough, for like the Circle Line, the digestive system is not circular. The artwork is available as a poster, fine art print, postcards etc