Constipation on two levels (tortoise and journal), both relieved

Comes twofold news of constipation relief:

Alleviation of a gastrointestinal tract impaction in a tortoise using an improvised vibrating massager,” Emma Nicholas and Clifford Warwick, Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery, Volume 21, Issue 4, 2011. A press release issued by the Animal Protection Agency gives details:

“On arrival at the vets in Barons Court, London, the poorly tortoise was very weak and its head was withdrawn, probably due to pain. However, after a twice-a-day treatment for several weeks with the vibrator, the tortoise came out of its shell and is now strong and healthy. This novel treatment has been published by the Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery, and is now also being used to help other animals such as constipated dogs…. (Although dated 2011, this latest issue was published last week as the journal is a year behind schedule).”

(Thanks to investigators Alec Batchelor and James Harkin for bringing this to our attention.)