Invention: a desk for people who sit on a toilet

The toilet users rolling desk in an invention for persons who wish to work and drink coffee whilst sitting on the throne. The idea is on file with the US patent office:

Toilet users rollable desk,” US patent application #20120223627 A1, Brian Wylie and Cameron Wylie, filed March 4, 2011. Details:

“A toilet users rollable desk for A compact personal office desk for the commode user. The toilet users rollable desk generally includes A desk that provides the toilet user with a space between the knees and legs to read, write, use the computer and store personal items as well as a shelf to place coffee or nourishment. The toilet users rollable desk is also able to store toilet tissue, hold reading material and be conveniently moved in front of the commode user for all processes to be best utilized in the large, average or small toilet commode area.”

BONUS: New Scientist reports about an unrelated device that combines a water tap and hand dryer.