Brainwaves – recorded

“The closer I examine the brain, the less I learn about the mind. Rather, what has been most informative about the mind is how people—neuroscientists and non-neuroscientists alike—interpret neuroscience data. Some cognitive neuroscientists have proposed the qualities we hold most precious as humans, like morality and free will, exist only in the context of human interaction. Likewise, I propose that the mind does not exist in a vacuum and one’s mind only necessitates distinction in a social context, and the mind’s existence may only be relevant due to its relative relationships. In sum, bodies have brains. People have minds.”

So writes Karen Spaceinvaders in the journal continent. 1.2 (2011): 76-77.

K. Spaceinvaders also provides one of the very few, if not the only online resource where you can listen to mp3 deep-brain neuronal recordings. (requires Flash)

Unfortunately, Improbable’s attempts at contacting Dr. Spaceinvaders have failed. But, instead, links to further resources regarding electrophysiological (extracellular recording) approaches to deep brain research can be found here via Dr. Karen Rommelfanger who is now Program Director of Emory University’s Neuroethics Program.