Moon-Wednesday and Indian Crimes [studies]

There are a plethora of scientific research projects which have investigated the Moon’s effect on what might seem to be unrelated earthly occurrences. They tend to break down into two categories – those which find there’s no effect, and those which find there is.
No effect, for example on the Spanish suicide rate. Though the lunar cycle does apparently modify the number of gout attacks in Slovakia.

But there’s a third category – for a small yet significant proportion of studies unearth results which appear to wrap another layer of mystery around an already enigmatic subject. Take for example a recent project investigating crime rates in Surat, India. The research – which is published in the International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 419-424 –  found that :

“There was no significant difference of crimes events on full moon days and non full moon days (p = 0.07). On stratification there was no difference between full moon day of week and same non full moon day of week except on Wednesday.

[our emphasis] The authors offer a possible tentative explanation, which can be found in the full paper: Full Moon Days and Crime: Is there any association?


Post-tonsillectomy hemorrhages are not only not dependent on the lunar cyle, but neither do they occur in clusters of three, nor are there more on Friday the 13ths (or involving redheaded children). See: Superstition and Post-Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage (The Laryngoscope, Volume 114, Issue 11, pp. 2031–2033.)