Blobjects – a disambiguation

According to Wikipedia, a Blobject (n.) is: “… a design product, often a household object, distinguished by smooth flowing curves, bright colors, and an absence of sharp edges.” But for philosophers (ontologists in particular), a Blobject can be more, much more, than that … “Imagine a world consisting entirely of gunkish, jello-ish, stuff.” viz., the whole universe ‘The Blobject’. And thus in turn, inevitably perhaps, the concept of the Blobject gives rise to a broad philosophical field called Blobjectivism. The implications are pinned down (as best as they can be for a Blobject) in a year-2000 paper by Professor Terry Horgan (University of Arizona, US) and Professor Matjaž Potrč (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) ‘Blobjectivism and Indirect Correspondence ‘ (for the journal Facta Philosophica, 2,  pp. 249-70). The professors not only lay out the case for Blobjectivism, but also extend the examination of their hypothetical Jello-World by considering  lumps, congealings, events and boundarylessness. [their underlining]