How do students spend their time?

A new study raises questions:

How Students Spend Their Time,” Andrea L. Welker [pictured here] and Bridget Wadzuk, J. Prof. Issues Eng. Educ. Pract., vol. 138, 2012, pp. 198-206.  the authors, at Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania, explain:

“An analysis was performed of how students spend their time … the students self-report their use of time and it is possible that their perceptions are not accurate.”

(Thanks to investigator Tom Gill for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: Dr. Welker also recently wrote this unrelated study:

Welker, A., Barbis, J., and Jeffers, P. “A Holistic Side-by-Side Comparison of Pervious Concrete and Porous Asphalt,” Journal of the American Water Resources Association, in press

BONUS: A press release about the two papers

BONUS QUESTION: What percentage of their time do students spend in reading the study “How Students Spend Their Time”?

BONUS QUESTION: After students have read the study “How Students Spend Their Time”, in what ways do they spend their time differently?