The possible meaning and import of a chocolate brain

Much technology and much thought went into the making of an edible chocolate brain. The meaning, import, and worth of the effort have yet to be determined. This video explains to a limited degree:


Further details are on the Instructables web site:

Edible Chocolate Brain from MRI Scan

This instructable will show you how to create an edible chocolate brain from sliced data sourced from an MRI scan….  Andy Millns had his brain MRI scanned as part of a research project…. The main steps involved are:
– Converting sliced DICOM data into the STL file format (a 3D geometry format widely used for 3D printing)
– Editing that model to clean up
– 3D printing a solid model
– Producing a latex mould
– Finally casting the chocolate and eating
We’ve made the original DICOM files and the STL file available for download.

(Thanks to investigators Geri Sullivan, Neil Rest, and Dermot Dobson for bringing this to our attention.)