Recognitions – part 4 – “Sloshing sounds courtesy of…”

The CNBC not only provides a freely available online source of Greebles, Tribbles and Yadgits, (see previous article in this series) but also links to the Auditory Lab at Carnegie Mellon University Psycholgy Department, headed  by professor Laurie Heller. The lab hosts a huge archive of carefully produced audio recordings provided for research purposes. Hear here, for example, a selection of high resolution recordings of sloshes (The archives on the site are in .zip format, so for convenience Improbable has transferred an example to a Flash file for easy access.)

We are requested to include this copyright notice: Sloshing sounds courtesy of the Sound Events Database ( Copyright 2008, Laurie M. Heller. Funding provided by NSF award 0446955.

The main categories available at the lab are :
• Impact Events (including ‘Marbles Dropped in Glass Vase’),
• Deformation Events, (including ‘Crush cabbage on board’),
• Rolling Events, (including ‘Tiny Wood Ball on Metal’),
• Air Events, (including ‘Inflating Bike Tube’),
•  Liquid Events (including ‘Sloshing’), and
• Experiment Stimuli (including ‘Breaking Spaghetti’),

all available here:

This concludes Improbable’s short four part season on ‘Recognitions’.