The further vaginal pH adventures of Kate Clancy

Professor Kate Clancy embarks on chapter-the-next in her exploration of vaginal pH. In her Context and Variation blog, Clancy writes:

Vaginal pH Redux: Acidic Tampons, Coming to a Store Near You

Readers of this blog are already aware that their vaginas are at their best when they are on the acidic side. Vaginal flora is healthy, bacterial overgrowth is at a minimum, and any foreign bodies that want to pass through are firmly discouraged. Semen and douching can increase pH, douching especially so since the liquid used to douche not only has a relatively high pH but flushes out normal, good bacteria.

If there are substances that increase vaginal pH, might other substances decrease vaginal pH and thus encourage the growth of normal flora?

RepHresh thinks so. RepHresh is a company that makes pH-balancing gels and cleansers for your ladyparts. Recently, they started carrying a new product,RepHresh Brilliant, which is a pH-balancing tampon (hat tip to my undergraduate Sophia Bodnar for being the first to tell me about it). They claim…[click here for the entire essay]