‘Poisoner’ author reviews Period Table Table inventor’s app

Deborah Blum, author of the book The Poisoner’s Handbook, reviewsThe Elements“, the ipad app created by Theo Gray, the Ig Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the four-legged periodic table table:

… Gray’s sequel to this success is a print book,  Theodore Gray’s Element Vault, which includes actual samples of elements, such as gold leaf, and replicas of classic documents from the history of chemistry.  In other words, there are still times when a reader wants to hold, touch, review the real thing.  But despite my reluctance to warm up to it, his e-book/app remains a wonderful package. It’s no wonder that Gray was awarded the 2011 Grady-Stack award for communicating chemistry from the American Chemical Society – or that the publication has been such a phenomenol e-success. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m leaving to treat myself for another attack of author envy. Perhaps another 100 or so rounds of The Elements Song [see the video below] will help. [Read Blum’s entire review here]