Plagiarize! (then, and again)

Multiple retractions as brazen plagiarist victimizes orthopedics literature” says the headline today in the Retraction Watch blog, which gives lots and lots of juicy details:

Several journals in the field of orthopedics and related disciplines have been victimized by an apparent serial plagiarist.

The author, Bernardino Saccomanni, of Gabriele D’ Annunzio University, in Chieti Scalo, Italy—across the boot and up a bit from Rome—appears to have lifted significant amounts of text in several articles….

“Plagiarize!” sings Tom Lehrer in his (probably) original song called “Lobachevsky”, which is about a mathematician — “Nicholas Ivanovich Lobachevsky was his name” — and about plagiarism. Here’s a recording:

BONUS: Ed Rothstein muses about Lobachevsky and other mathematicians who have been accused of plagiarizing peers.