George Parrott the Snacker, and George Parrot the Shoes

George Parrott is in the news. George Parrot has been out of the news for a while.

In the news (specifically, in the Sacramento Bee):

Sac State students don’t have to bring snacks for professor

Students of Sacramento State professor George Parrott won’t have to supply snacks anymore in order to be taught psychology.

The Bee’s report on Parrott walking out of his Psychology 101 lab class before a midterm review two weeks ago because of the lack of snacks made headlines across the country. Since then, members of the psychology department at California State University, Sacramento, met and decided it was unacceptable for the professor to have left the class, said Kim Nava, university spokesperson. “He’s been told by the dean not to repeat the behavior,” she said.

Professor Parrott’s web site says he specializes in stereotypes.

(Thanks to investigator Kristine Danowski for bringing Parrott, though not Parrot — see below — to our attention.)

Out of the news (on the web, in OutWestNewspaper), Chuck Woodbury wrote:

The crook who grew up to be a shoe

RAWLINS, Wyo— Today, at the Carbon County Museum, I checked out the display of Big Nose George Parrot, the only man in American history to be turned into a pair of shoes.

His name was actually George Manuse. He was lynched in 1881. George was a rustler with a big nose, hence his name…. A young doctor named J.E. Osborne took possession of George’s body… he had George skinned, and sent the skin to a Denver tannery. “Make me a pair of shoes [pictured here, with his skull], and leave on the nipples” he instructed. Well, he got the shoes, but not the nipples. The shoes are also in the museum…. Dr. Osborne wore his George shoes all the time, especially to special occasions. He eventually became a state big shot and was even elected governor. Some people say he wore George to the inauguration ball.

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