Powerpoint-Induced Salivation in Class

Powerpoint enthusiasts who have not yet developed their own techniques for inducing salivation in classrooms now have a published study that can show them the basics:

Using Powerpoint to Demonstrate Human Classical Salivary Conditioning in a Classroom Situation,” Charles Abramson [pictured here], Erika Brown, Dillon Langley, Psychological Reports, Volume 108, Issue 1, February 2011, pp. 109-119. The authors, at Oklahoma State University, explain:

“This study introduces using PowerPoint as a new, practical technique that can be used in a classroom setting to demonstrate classical conditioning. The PowerPoint file is flexible and easy to adapt for demonstrating various aspects of classical conditioning (including higher order conditioning) in a concrete manner. Moreover, this study was designed to measure salivation in a more objective and valid way which could be used by student researchers interested in measuring salivation.”