Scicurious at the Igs

Scicurious, author of the blog The Scicurious Brain, attended both the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony and the Ig Informal Lectures. She wrote a series of thoughtful, amused reports about what she found there.

Here’s a list of her reports. We will (if we do not overly adhere to the Ig-Nobel-literature-Prize-winning Theory of Structured Procrastination) feature each of them individually over the coming weeks.

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The 2011 IgNobel Prizes, now with Real Time Storify!!

IgNobel Prize WINNER: The beetle and the beer bottle, a tragic love story

IgNobel Price WINNER: Safety in Smell

IgNobel Prize WINNER: A kiss is just a kiss, but is a sigh ever just a sigh?

IgNobel Prize WINNER: If you yawn, your pet tortoise don’t care

IgNobel Prize WINNER: The power of effective procrastination

IgNobel prize WINNER: You might have a better time saving your spare change if you REALLY need to pee

IgNobel Prize WINNER: Solving all your problems…with tanks

IgNobel Prize WINNER: Public Safety is even safer when you can’t see

IgNobel Prize WINNER: Dizziness from discus throwing is due to unDue spinning

NOTE: We always mutter to journalists that the each year’s new crop of Ig Nobel Prize winners can be useful to them. Ten winners, ten spectacular stories that all kinds of people, in all kinds of places, would be thrilled to see. In the 21 years we have been holding the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, Scicurious is (as best we remember) the first journalist to truly take advantage of this.