Go-go biking across Japan: Toilet power

‘Poop As You Go’ Biogas Bike To Go On 600 Mile Tour Of Japan” reads the headline on Treehugger’s report about exactly that. Treehugger gives details:

Japan’s biggest toilet maker, TOTO, takes the toilet on the road with its launch of the Toilet Bike Neo, a bike that’s powered entirely by human waste. The bike runs on biogas converted from feces that is harvested directly from the driver — who sits on the bike’s toilet-styled seat….

The poop-fueled publicity-harvesting journey has its own blog, called Toilet Bike Neo Project. the most recent entry, dated October 4, has a headline that translates into English as “Bike riders crossing the Japanese decision toilet! So Sexy …” This is marketing with a positive spin, and presumably frequent movements. The blog is filled with photos of the young woman you see here, of whom it says [this, too, is a translation]: “She also ride bikes toilet, starting the day after tomorrow is the last. In many ways to enjoy!”

There are also photographs of the bicycle apparatus; one such picture appears here, below.

(Thanks to investigator Ron Josephson for bringing it to our attention.)