mini-helicopter contest & the Ig Nobel webcast

New Scientist magazine is running a win-a-mini-helicopter contest in connection with the Ig Nobel webcast. Full details are on the NS site. Here’s a short version:

Win a mini helicopter in our Ig Nobel Prize contest

Once you have a mini helicopter, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one – especially if you need to sample some whale snot as it shoots out of a cetacean’s blowhole.

That’s how Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse used hers as a veterinarian and conservation biologist with the Zoological Society of London. The research won her an Ig Nobel Prize in 2010.

This year, New Scientist will be live-streaming the quirky awards ceremony in Boston on our NSTV blog from 7.30 pm EDT on 29 September (12.30 am BST on 30 September). We’ll be live-tweeting the event from the very room where “genuinely bemused genuine Nobel laureates” will be presenting the awards to the winners whose “achievements first make people laugh, and then make them think”.

To celebrate our live-streaming event, and in honour of Acevedo-Whitehouse’s triumph, we’re giving away a Parrot AR Drone mini helicopter.