Lee Loveless: Vampire video for tooth care

The perhaps misleadingly-named Lee Loveless [pictured here] works for the UK’s National Health Service [NHS) in the city of Portsmouth. Loveless appears, in words only, in a BBC news report:

Vampire video aims to help improve Portsmouth’s teeth

A viral vampire video is at the centre of a new dental health campaign in Portsmouth.

Inspired by films and TV series such as Twilight, it features a victim being appalled by a vampire’s bad teeth. The social media campaign follows research into the barriers preventing young people from going to the dentist. NHS Portsmouth’s Lee Loveless said: “Traditional methods to engage young men haven’t worked. We have looked at what appeals to our target group.” The tongue-in-cheek video, entitled Want a Dentist after Dark?, was originally produced for NHS Northamptonshire. It has been adapted for Portsmouth which has traditionally had poor levels of dental health.

[Thanks to investigator Maricar Jagger for bringing this to our attention.)