Inside the JCPR

Although there are more than five thousand recorded species of mammals, comparatively few have a scholarly journal exclusively* devoted to their scientific study. As an example, see the Journal of Camel Practice and Research a publication of Camel Publishing House, based in Bikaner, India. The journal’s editor, Dr. Tarun Kumar Gahlot, also maintains a dedicated website, where non-specialists are invited to ‘ know-your-camel ‘ – and discover some unusual facts. For example :
• “Camel can take sea water without any side effects and can excrete sea water with a salt concentration almost double that of sea water.”
• “Camels can withstand more than 3 weeks without drinking water and continue to eat.”
• “The urine production is greatly reduced in the dehydrated camel.”

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* Note : Despite its name, the journal also occasionally presents articles on Llamas, Alpacas, Vicuñas, and Guanacos.