Anthes and alcohol and reptiles

Emily Anthes occasionally collects (for her Wonderland blog) reports of human behavior that involves both reptiles and potable alcohol. The one she describes here here originated in National Geographic (the graphic below is a pure Anthes creation, describing this characteristic of her blog):

First, there was the drunken zookeeper bitten by an irresponsibly handled cobra. And now, there is this: the great backstory behind the discovery of a new species of lizard. I always find it interesting when scientists discover a previously unknown species, but the story of this particular lizard, Leiolepis ngovantrii, is more unusual than most. This new species wasn’t hiding under a rock or in the jungle in some remote, uninhabited corner of the Earth. It was being served to diners in a Vietnamese restaurant…

BONUS: A followup post, involving winner Richard Wassersug’s Ig Nobel Prize-winning study with tadpoles