Rabbit Rotation: Pleasing and not

We’ve seen that dog rotation can be pleasing (as in the instance we described recently) or not (as in the instance described even more recently). But what of rabbit rotation? Here’s one instance that, one can infer, was not terribly pleasing:

Changes in animal reactivity under the influence of prolonged rotation,” N.I. Arlashchenko and A.A. Shipov, Kosm. Biol. Aviakosmicheskaya Med , (USSR). Vol. 14, no. 6, pp. 51-54. 1980. The authors write: “Rabbit experiments demonstrated that a prolonged (up to 14 days) rotation at a rate of 7 rpm in a 110 cm arm rotating system alters reactivity of the animal body as follows from measurements of radioresistance, vestibular reactivity, and barrier function of eye vessels, thus indicating increase in general resistance to environmental effects.”

Now here’s a contrasting example. The manufacturer of the sex toy in this video might argue that its rabbit rotation is pleasant indeed: