Dog rotation: not always pleasant

Dog rotation can be pleasing (as in the instance we described recently). But sometimes it’s not — think about the rotation described in this study:

Gastric torsion in the dog—II. Nonsurgical treatment by aspiration of gastric contents during repeated rotation of the animal“, B. Funkquist and N. Obel, Journal of Small Animal Practice, Volume 20, Issue 2, pages 93–101, February 1979. The authors explain:

“Gastrocentesis followed by introduction of a stout gastric tube and aspiration of gastric content during repeated rotation of the animal around its long axis was attempted as a nonsurgical treatment in 30 cases of gastric torsion. One of the dogs died in the initial phase of the treatment. One dog died at exploratory laparotomy performed because of fundic necrosis. In one animal, obstruction of the cardia remained in spite of effective emptying of the stomach. This dog died at a subsequent exploratory laparotomy showing a remaining gastric torsion of about 270o. The other 27 cases survived and could be discharged in good condition….”