Moist Logic: a disambiguation

Many of those interested in the study of the various forms of logic will have come across Fuzzy Logic. Less well known perhaps is another branch of the subject known as Moist Logic.
What is Moist Logic? Fenrong Liu, Associate Professor of Logic at the Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China clears things up in her paper NEW PERSPECTIVES ON MOIST LOGIC which is published in the Journal of Chinese Philosophy, (Volume 37, Issue 4, pages 605–621, December 2010). Moist Logic refers to the logic of Master Mozi – who lived in fifth-century BCE China and inspired the foundation of the Moist School. “Mozi was the first to challenge Confucianism by making reasoning the core of intellectual inquiry.” explains professor Fenrong.

Note: Confusingly perhaps, some scholars prefer to use the term Mohist rather than Moist (and Mozi is also sometimes referred to as Master Mo or Modi or Zi Mozi or Mo Di).